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Strategic Partnerships

We believe clients aren’t the only ones who need a retirement strategy​.

What’s Your Succession Plan? 

As financial advisors, we guide our clients to think about the days when they stop working and what it takes to arrive there. Sometimes, even after a lifetime of building a successful financial practice we don’t think about what retirement means for us though. Just as Marshall Financial Group prepares our clients for a successful retirement, we help financial advisors fulfill their last fiduciary requirement to their clients: making sure they are taken care of after you retire as their advisor. Whether you are looking for an immediate buy/sell agreement or a more gradual, strategic approach to retirement, Marshall Financial Group can help you create a succession plan that outlines what will happen to your business and clients when you retire.

Why Marshall Financial?

As an independent wealth management firm and Registered Investment Advisor, Marshall Financial Group has created a streamlined process for helping advisors retire with a customized succession strategy for you and your clients. Through a merger or strategic partnership, you will receive administrative support, robust compliance, and access to leading portfolio software. We have helped many advisors gain the infrastructure they need to make sure their clients continue to receive quality financial guidance. We will work together with you to determine a fair value and payment structure for your practice based on industry standards and your succession timeline.

What is your timeline for retirement?

If you are looking to retire quickly, we will help you make a retirement announcement to your clients to notify them that their account(s) will be moving to Marshall Financial Group and connect with them to ensure they are comfortable with the transition. If you are looking for a more gradual retirement approach or even just a long-term partnership, we’ll create and implement a phased-in strategy announcing that you’ve joined or merged with our team. Either way, your clients will see and feel not only our detailed approach to financial planning, but the excellent customer service we provide from onboarding and planning to reporting and reviews.

How does the transition work?

During the initial client introduction, you and a Marshall Financial advisor will explain the transition and all of the benefits the change means for them. We will detail our approach to financial planning, reporting, and the many other services we provide. Where our services and tactics overlap with yours, we will promote continuity. We will also let your clients know about any new technologies and services they will enjoy as a result of working with us. We work hard to make sure that your clients experience a seamless transition.

What happens after the initial transition?

Our dedicated client service team has developed a well-defined onboarding process that includes preparing paperwork, monitoring account(s), and sending new client welcome letters. Once the client has been officially welcomed to our firm, he or she will receive a performance report during the first quarterly fee bill cycle and then be scheduled for regular strategy meetings with their advisor. Within the first year, the client will receive a comprehensive financial plan.

How will your clients benefit from working with Marshall Financial?

Clients appreciate our use of the latest reporting and trading software, our model portfolios, and a structured marketing schedule that includes many client retention initiatives. The Marshall Financial Group team strongly believes in providing consistent, exceptional client service. We take excellent care of our clients and make sure they know how much we value their business.

If you’d like to discuss your succession plan and explore how we can help you transition into retirement at your own pace, please contact us directly at | 410.563.1044