How and Why We Value Good Communication

Our ultimate goal as financial advisors is to help our clients to identify and pursue their personal and financial goals in order to live a meaningful, balanced life. At MFG, we take pride in being available to you. Here is a quick explanation of not only why communication is so important to us, but the many ways in which you can communicate with your advisory team. 

Keeping Communication Open

We often talk about how those goals and priorities change as life changes, and we all know that the markets change every day. This is why one of our main objectives is to keep an open line of communication with all our clients. As your advisors, we like to remain abreast of major life events or preferences, and we remain available to answer questions and provide updates on your accounts and progress toward your goals. As our managing partner Pete Marshall explained in a recent blog post, each client has a team made up of a lead advisor, service advisor, and client services associate. We work together to answer any questions or concerns you have, and help you plan and understand your investments. 

Leveraging Technology 

Whereas previously, people may have preferred phone, email, or even written communication, we understand that your increasingly busy life may be better suited to new forms of communication. In the past few years we have adopted multiple new avenues for communication in order to stay in connection with our valued clients. 

My Financial Genius

In 2022, we unveiled our new client portal My Financial Genius. This technology allows you to keep up to date with account balances, transactions and values whenever it is convenient for you. Our portal also serves as a secure avenue for confidential document sharing. 

Text Messaging 

The newest feature available to clients is a texting software that allows our team to stay in touch with clients using the convenience of the phone in their pocket. While we are happy to chat over the phone or communicate by email, the ease and convenience of a simple text message from your phone can be helpful. 

Client Interaction As More Than Efficiency

In Marshall Financial Group’s mission and vision statement, we identify that using innovative technology and efficient and effective processes is part of how we as a firm accomplish our goals. I am part of a generation that grew up with the internet and digital communication, and in the financial world technology is rapidly advancing day by day. We live in a world where we can communicate without talking, gather valuable information without speaking. Although these forms of communication are valuable, they can distance ourselves from those who we value. 

My stance as an advisor is and always will be that communication provides our most valuable connection to our clients. While all of these different technologies (including phones) mean that you can stay in touch with us in the most efficient manner for you, client-advisor relationships are very personal as we help you navigate your financial roadmap. As our society becomes further obsessed with data points and information, we at MFG will always value direct human connection and conversation. Our availability to you as clients in person is valued with every touch point. In person human connection is an active two-way conversation that allows our team to connect with you and your family.

No matter your personal need for connection, the Marshall Financial Group team strives to be available for you. Whether your life is suited to a quick text message to your advisor or an in-person conversation, we want to be available to you to cater to your needs as an individual. Our hope is that new avenues of communication open up conversation, without the closing of human connection.

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