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Welcome to the Marshall Financial Group, where we believe every client interaction should be grounded in transparency and integrity. We understand the most important factor in choosing a financial and investment services advisor is trust, so we work hard to earn yours every day. Through our commitment to delivering exceptional service, we strive to make you feel comfortable, confident, and secure in your transition.

As a new client, our top priority is understanding your hopes and dreams. We begin by meeting with you to thoroughly review your current financial position and gain a clear picture of your goals and objectives. Next, we use this information to develop a personalized plan and investment strategy designed to help you progress towards your desired future.

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Clients who come to us through a merger or partnership with their current advisor can expect a smooth transition that’s defined by our professional commitment to excellence, as well as our personal commitment to helping you achieve your objectives. As part of the introductory phase, your advisor will meet with you to discuss the transition and explain the additional value Marshall Financial Group can offer through our array of services and innovative technologies. Our dedicated client service team has developed a streamlined transition process that reflects our dedication to client service and incorporates our method for financial planning and reporting. Our investment team employs a time-tested, data-informed approach to help turn your goals and financial needs into a dynamically constructed portfolio.

Financial Planning

We believe that good planning leads to good outcomes. At Marshall Financial Group, it starts with a close, personal relationship where we take the time to understand the future you hope to have, then work to develop a financial plan. What we bring to the table is an unbiased, personalized approach to money management built around your unique circumstances and aspirations. We factor in your goals and related time horizon, your investment experience, and risk tolerance. Then we bring all your information together into a financial plan designed specifically for you.

Marshall Financial Group works with families, business owners, corporate trustees, and foundations. We offer investment, retirement, insurance, estate, and college planning services and manage a variety of accounts for clients. Most importantly, as our advisors develop your plan, we want to be sure you understand it. We take the time to explain unfamiliar financial concepts and products in order to take the mystery out of investing, insurance, estate conservation, and wealth preservation. It is all part of our commitment to transparency, an essential component of building trust.


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Investment Strategy

Once we’ve completed your financial plan, the next step is to implement it through an investment strategy tailored to your personal objectives. Our team at Marshall Financial Group applies exceptional expertise, proven strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and efficient processes to craft an approach that aligns with your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance. Extensive research goes into assembling each client’s portfolio, which our advisors then track closely using strategic models. Our investment team constantly monitors, reevaluates, and adapts your investments based on your changing needs, comfort level, and market conditions. As we build and manage your investment portfolio, we avoid any unwelcome surprises by offering a fee structure that is transparent and easy to understand.

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Client Experience

Confidence in your financial decisions starts with confidence in your financial advisor. That’s one reason why Marshall Financial Group places so much importance on developing strong client relationships anchored by values such as professionalism, integrity, and transparency. Our team of financial advisors strive to live out those values every day by delivering exceptional service to our clients. Through regular strategy meetings we work to ensure you understand your investments and their performance. Our team approach allows us to constantly monitor, reevaluate and revise investment portfolios based on changing circumstances or objectives. It’s all part of our commitment to help you grow, nurture, and cultivate a healthy financial future.

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Core Values

Our core values are deeply ingrained in how we conduct business and shape the way we do everything. They define our culture, guide every decision, and inspire every member of our team to hold themselves to a higher standard.

Own It!
  • We value individuals that take accountability, get things done, and own any situation that is thrown their way.
  • Our team members work hard and have a great work ethic.
  • We are results driven and focus on the best outcomes in every situation.
  • Our team honors the commitments we make to our clients and colleagues.
  • We are the solution, and we look inward to take action.
Be Cool
  • Our team is not afraid of pressure, and we thrive during difficult times. We turn coal into diamonds.
  • We get along, we take the high road, and we always look at the glass half full.
  • Our team members have extremely positive attitudes.
  • We strive to create long-lasting positive connections with all clients, team members, and business partners.
  • We know that ethical conduct makes us feel good - and feeling good is cool.
Ducks in a Row
  • We are efficient and well organized, turning mess into order so we can consistently deliver exceptional work.
  • Our clients have placed their faith in us, and our team anticipates their needs because we value and respect their trust.
  • We come prepared to meetings, ready to be supportive and collaborative with our clients and colleagues.
  • Our team works in harmony to obtain the best possible outcomes in every situation.
  • We turn clutter and uncertainty into simplicity and clarity.
Wow Factor
  • We want the experience of working with our firm to be so good that clients brag about it.
  • Our team believes in over communication, and exceptional responsiveness.
  • We go above and beyond our clients' expectations.
  • Our team will find answers to questions that we don't know.
  • We aim to be best in class in everything we do.
Smart Growth
  • We believe that intelligent forward progression is essential for our clients and for our business.
  • Our team continuously strives to find a better, more efficient way to do things.
  • We proactively pursue ways to improve our health, financial, and emotional wellbeing.
  • Our clients rely on us because we avoid unnecessary risks while balancing opportunities.
  • We have a long-term perspective, and we avoid the new shiny object.