How Smart Growth Helps Our Practice and Our Clients

Last December, our President Pete Marshall shared ways that our business had changed in 2020. Even since that time, we’ve grown. While our mission and values have remained constant throughout the years, our firm is structured differently now than it was a year ago, and very differently from even five years ago.

As the Vice President of Administration and Marketing, I wear many hats. One of those roles is managing our marketing initiatives and client communications. Another role is helping the practice to grow through hiring, while structuring the business in a way that strives to meet our mission and core values. Here are 3 ways we have been working to increase efficiency and improve client services during our firm’s growth-spurt.

Letting you know we are here.

In his blog post from December, Pete talked about the creation of our new marketing video (right before the COVID lockdown). This was the beginning of a reinvigoration of our client communications. In September, we launched a new website, which focuses on providing an overview of what we do and who we are, as well as resources like this blog. With a background in marketing, I’ve always felt that regular, proactive communication with clients–whether it is through emails, social media, or a website–is immensely important. We want to provide updates on what is happening in the markets and with our firm and let clients know that we are here for them in many ways.

Creating a team for our clients.

Over the past year, we’ve been developing a new client service team model. Each client has a Lead Advisor, Servicing Advisor, and Client Service and Operations Specialist. This three-role team model approach offers clients multiple layers of support and service. The Lead Advisor provides oversight and financial planning guidance. The Servicing Advisor provides regular updates to clients and manages on-going service requests. The Client Service and Operations Specialist helps to schedule meetings, answer basic questions, and provide documents. This allows us to be even more proactive about communicating with and meeting with our clients on a regular basis.

Growing a team to meet our needs.

Growing pains are real, but rewarding. We strive for a culture of connectedness, where we are not just a team that services clients, but truly a team in the way we work together to achieve goals – client goals, firm goals, and individual goals. We’ve learned that this team dynamic creates an atmosphere where employees are invested in the company and truly enjoy working together.

As we add financial advisors and administrative staff to Marshall Financial Group, I am also always thinking about how new hires not only will fit into our firm’s culture, but will be able to add a new perspective or approach that may enhance our systems and processes. We aim to hire people who are hardworking and resourceful, with a positive attitude, who can take initiative on tasks and work cooperatively on projects.

In the end, all of these changes are in the service of providing financial and investment services based on honesty, kindness, and integrity. We realize (especially through this past year with the pandemic) the value of frequent, meaningful communication whether it is in person or virtually – with both each other and our clients. We’ve learned that multiple layers of support not only help our staff to do their jobs more efficiently but also help our clients feel more comfortable and knowledgeable.

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