How We Leverage Technology to Provide Investment Management and Client Service

Technology is now utilized in many areas of our personal lives and also provides many useful applications that have become integral to all businesses. At Marshall Financial Group, we are committed to the incorporation of the most innovative tools in order to strive to provide excellent investment management in addition to exceptional client services and communication.

We have invested in these advanced technology tools, provided by third party vendors, to enhance the personalized analysis that each of our advisors provide to our clients. The implementation of these technologies by our financial professionals seeks to merge both human and technological inputs to optimize the services we provide.

Here is a glimpse into some of the tools our professionals use every day.

Pulling the information together in one place.

The portfolio management system we utilize provides us with important comprehensive trading and reporting technology. As wealth managers, this system serves as not only a state-of-the-art trading platform, but also an advanced performance tracking and reporting system. This allows us to produce quarterly performance reports that provide a summary of investment returns for our clients that are net of management fees.

In addition, this technology provides clients with the ability to access their account values and investment performance. Clients can review all of their accounts in one view, including the option to integrate outside accounts to provide a truly comprehensive financial summary. In the coming months, this platform will also be mobile – allowing clients to login to the MFG App to view their accounts.

Finally, this platform integrates with many other technologies we use including financial planning software, client service system, and risk analysis software. Like the coordinated team of professionals at our firm, these technologies work together to enhance both the efficiency and the quality of service provided to our clients.

Good risk analysis makes everyone more comfortable.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with investment alternatives that “fit” their comfort level with risk. Risk tolerance and risk analysis are important factors in the design of an investment portfolio. The risk analysis software that we utilize provides our advisors a tool to both identify a client’s comfort level with risk and to analyze investment alternatives to determine an appropriate allocation. This technology provides a way to quantify and discuss risk on a measurable scale from 1 (low risk) to 99 (speculative risk).

In meeting with us to discuss a financial portfolio, we share the results of our analysis and the risk “score” of our clients’ current investment allocation. This technology also provides an opportunity to identify the probability of potential returns in a specific portfolio. This personalized analysis may provide insights into a portfolio that could be incorporated into future decision making and investment changes.

This technology is also used to monitor the ongoing risk level in the portfolio. For example, in an account where equities grow in value and potentially outperform fixed assets, the portfolio can become more aggressive over time if no rebalance or reallocation of the investments takes place. When the risk level of the portfolio changes outside the identified comfort level of the client, we are able to rebalance the investments to maintain the desired level of risk and potential for return.

The risk analysis software also scores the investment options that we offer and allows us to evaluate reports and statistics on these options. We tailor each of our client’s portfolios based on the risk that they are comfortable with. Ultimately, this technology enhances the ability to evaluate and manage risk in a portfolio while aligning it with client goals.

Integration of information that allows us to answer the big questions.

Some questions we often address for our clients include:

  • When will I be financially independent (as measured by my goals and objectives)?
  • How much income will my portfolio generate in retirement?
  • What is the impact of a financial transaction (purchase/sale of business, real estate, etc.)  on my overall financial plan?

These are examples of the important questions that are integral to our job as financial planners. Financial planning software provides the technology to enhance our advisor’s ability to help answer these questions for our clients. Financial planning provides the ability to evaluate the impact of a variety of assumptions and scenarios on the achievement of long-term goals. The reality is that our financial situations change over time, therefore, planning is an ongoing process for our clients. Periodic review of the progress and/or challenges provides an opportunity to monitor and potentially revise the current path. This is hugely important because it is the basis of everything we do.

As we continue to grow as a firm, we are dedicated to incorporating both professional expertise and exceptional technology to enhance our services for our clients.


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