David Gasper, CIMA®

David Gasper, CIMA®

David Gasper, CIMA®

Client Service Associate

Driven by a commitment to integrity, teamwork, and meticulous due diligence, I am proud to serve as a Client Service Associate at Marshall Financial Group (MFG). My journey with MFG began by being drawn to its commitment to integrity, teamwork, and due diligence. These principles are not just words on paper but deeply embedded in the firm’s culture. I wanted to be part of an organization where building client relationships based on trust is paramount and where high ethical standards guide every decision we make.

I chose this career path out of a passion for helping individuals achieve their financial and personal goals. The ability to provide clear, honest advice and collaborate closely with clients to navigate their financial journeys is immensely rewarding for me. I thrive on combining analytical rigor with a genuine desire to positively impact lives.

What I find most fulfilling about my profession is the opportunity to cultivate lasting relationships with clients. Guiding them through significant life events and empowering them to achieve their financial aspirations are central to my role. The trust and appreciation clients place in our guidance makes each day meaningful and rewarding.

Every client brings a unique background and set of circumstances. I am genuinely passionate about learning their stories, understanding their challenges, and devising customized solutions that align with their goals amidst diverse variables.

I am dedicated to crafting tailored solutions that address the specific needs and aspirations of each client I serve. This process involves thorough analysis and a deep commitment to delivering outcomes that support their long-term financial well-being.

BA in Economics from the Millersville University of Pennsylvania, May 2020

Biggest tip for your clients?
Life is a lot less stressful when you have a well thought out financial plan. Partnering with an experienced financial advisor is key to navigating the complexities of financial management with confidence and clarity.

Favorite Quote
“Through endurance, we conquer.” Ernest H. Shackleton

How I spend time outside of work
In my off time, you can find me spending time with family and friends typically hiking, golfing or honing in my skills in Jiu-Jitsu.

Biggest accomplishment
Professional: CIMA certification

Personal: Getting married to my wife Kiera and staying committed to my hobbies.

Favorite extravagance under $100
An annual national park pass. $80 unlocks the gates to all the breathtaking National Parks across the U.S. for a full year. The adventures and memories forged within these natural wonders are priceless.

Little known fact about me
I am very passionate about chess. My elo rating typically ranges between 1800-2000.

My favorite things
Meal: BBQ

Beverage: Whiskey

Travel destination: Himalayan Mountain Range

Sport: MMA

Sports team: Baltimore Ravens