James Williamson

James Williamson

James Williamson

Associate Financial Advisor

With a passion for building client relationships and a deep-seated commitment to financial empowerment, I am proud to serve as a Financial Advisor at MFG. My journey in the financial industry began 17 years ago with a desire to expand my knowledge and experience, driven by a genuine enthusiasm for helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Drawing on extensive industry expertise, I specialize in navigating global capital markets, crafting tailored investment strategies, and providing insights that empower clients to make informed decisions. My background includes valuable experience gained from living and working in Singapore, offering a unique global perspective that enriches my client interactions.

At MFG, I thrive in a collaborative environment where teamwork and client-centered service are paramount. I take pride in simplifying complex financial concepts into clear, actionable insights, ensuring that each client journey is guided by understanding, trust, and personalized attention.

Additionally, I enjoy engaging with clients to learn about their diverse backgrounds and aspirations, which play a crucial role in shaping their financial futures. I find great fulfillment in helping clients navigate their financial landscapes with confidence and clarity, ensuring they are well-positioned to achieve their long-term objectives.

Bachelor of Science, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA

Biggest tip for your clients?
Try to maintain a longer-term perspective. Staying invested and staying diversified over long timeframes is one of the most safe and timeless investment tips.

Favorite Quote
“The best way to look at any business is from the standpoint of the clients.” – Jamie Dimon

How I spend time outside of work
You can find me reading finance industry books, research, and whitepapers, especially pertaining to Technology and Health Care.

Biggest accomplishment
Living and working abroad in Singapore for almost 5 years.

Favorite extravagance under $100
Trying different coffee brands and roasts from around the world in making my own cold brew coffee.

Little known fact about me
I enjoy collecting whisky from all around the world, particularly Asia.

My favorite things
Meal: Steak

Beverage: Cold brew coffee

Travel destination: Bali, Indonesia

Person: Ken Griffin

Sport: Basketball

Sports team: New York Knicks