Sheila Diaz, FPQP

Sheila Diaz, FPQP

Sheila Diaz, FPQP

Operations Specialist

In my 18 years working in the financial industry, I’ve held a variety of positions and gained experience in banking, insurance, investments, and at financial advisory firms. I joined Marshall Financial Group because I like the firm’s team approach, and being part of a culture where everyone tries to learn from each other. MFG also shares my commitment to customer service. I always enjoy the opportunity to assist clients and make them feel heard. I love building client relationships, and always strive to provide exceptional service.

I first became interested in the financial industry when I was 17 and took a job as a bank teller. Since then, I love that every day I learn something new. At MFG, I’m excited to be part of a team that works together to help our clients.

A.B.S., Theology, MBC&S in Baltimore, Maryland

My biggest tip for clients
Never hesitate to reach out to your advisor. We are here for you.

Favorite quote
The golden rule – treat others the way you want to be treated.

What inspires you
My faith gives me purpose and my daughter inspires me to always do better and push forward.

My perfect day
Sleep in, then coffee and quiet time followed by a long walk on a trail. After, that I’d spend some quality time with family and friends.

My Favorite Things
Meal: Tostones (Plantains) with porkchops
Beverage: Coffee in the morning and tea at night
Pet: Cats
Sport: Football
Sports team: Ravens