Why We Love What We Do

Why We Love What We Do - Marshall Financial Group

This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share why we love what we do. Although we haven’t been a “normal” office for almost a year, as our President Pete Marshall reflected in his year-end blog post, absence has made our hearts grow fonder, and we are reminded of why we enjoy working with one another and with all of our clients. Here are some of the ways we love what we do.

Seeing Progress and Success Makes Us Happy

Teamwork and collaboration don’t just make our office a nice place to work, it helps foster success. “It brings me joy to see our client’s success, our firm’s progress, and to partner with new companies that are going to improve our client experience and our business efficiences,” says Pete. Working with each other and our clients helps all of us move closer to achieving our personal and financial goals. Brad Clough says, “I love being a financial advisor because I get to help clients understand the financial planning process and make well-informed decisions regarding investments.”

Relationships are Everything

Whether you are a brand new client or have been with us for fifteen years, we feel that honesty, trust, and excellent communication are the building blocks of a great relationship. Sheryl Parks MSF, CFP®, CDFA® is passionate about being an educator as well as a financial advisor, and says, “I love developing meaningful, long-term relationships with my clients that prepare them for and help them navigate transitions throughout their lives.” Our Director of Investment Management and Senior Financial Advisor Anthony Pugliese finds it important that his clients can rely on him and he makes a point to show he cares. “I always want to do what is best for them and guide them in the right direction,” he says.

For Holly Bergen, our Client Relationship Liaison, relationships really are everything, and she loves making our staff and clients happy: “Whether I am sending birthday gifts or Thanksgiving cards to clients, planning an office event, or managing the client call schedule, I believe in going the extra mile to show that we care about our clients and each other at the office.”

Being A Team Makes Us Stronger

“Since the beginning of MFG, I’ve wanted to create a culture for the firm where everyone feels good about what they do,” says Lindy Marshall, VP, Administration and Marketing. Part of that culture is building a team that knows and trusts one another, whether that is in the office, at a team building event, or volunteering in the community. Client Service and Operations Specialist Jenna Brown says that collaborating with the team means developing relationships, solving problems, and building processes together. “Everyone is a great team player and we work well together.” Lisa Pezzella adds “I love our working environment. I can work independently on certain projects and as part of the team on others, always striving to deliver exceptional service to our clients.”

We know that as we continue to grow and expand, adding new clients and new staff, we will keep building an office culture that shows how much we love and appreciate working with one another and our clients.

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