Four Things Our Financial Advisors Learned at the Orion Conference

Four Things Our Financial Advisors Learned at the Orion Conference | Marshall Financial Group

At the Marshall Financial Group, our core goal is to help  our clients to identify and pursue their personal and financial goals in order to live a meaningful, balanced life. We do this not just by educating our clients about investing and the financial planning process, but by educating ourselves. In February, Managing Partner and Senior Financial Advisor Pete Marshall, Director of Operations and Financial Advisor Brad Clough, and Financial Advisor Andrew Hasz attended the Orion Ascent 2023 conference. “The conference was a fantastic opportunity to hear from experts in the industry and deepen our knowledge to improve our technology and solutions for advisors, clients, and prospects,” says Brad. They wanted to reflect on what they learned at the conference, and how they plan to use it to improve efficiency and client experience at MFG. 

Exploring New Tools and Technologies

Here on the MFG blog, we write a lot about the technologies we use, from our client portal to risk assessment tools. “Orion is a technology company so as you can imagine the conference was very tech focused,” says Pete Marshall. Throughout the conference, they had the chance to explore new tools and technologies that can help us provide a better experience for our clients. “From cutting-edge portfolio management software to innovative communication tools, the conference provided a wealth of information to help us better serve our clients,” says Brad Clough. 

Focusing on Client Experience

At Marshall Financial Group, we understand that financial advising is about so much more than just managing assets. It’s about building relationships and understanding our clients’ unique needs and goals,” says Andrew Hasz, and he was glad to see that the conference focused on this as well. “I’m excited to bring back new ideas and strategies to help our clients achieve their goals and dreams,” he adds. For Pete Marshall, having an excellent client experience has been part of the goal of MFG from the beginning. One of the things he focused on at the conference was exploring how to make our client’s experience excellent. “We plan to dissect every level of the best practices that were discussed and see if we can make it better at MFG,” Pete says. 

Being More Than Just A Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor at Marshall Financial Group, I am constantly striving to provide the best possible experience for my clients,” says Andrew. Andrew especially enjoyed the keynote address by Ben Nemtin, co-founder of “The Buried Life.” “His emphasis on enriching clients’ lives really resonated with me, as that’s something that’s always been a core part of my approach to financial advising,” says Andrew. At MFG, personal and financial goals go hand-in-hand, and so, “we’re not just managing their assets; we’re serving as a sounding board for their ideas and aspirations.”  

Continuing Education Makes Our Firm Better

“The classes were very informative,” says Pete. “I came back wanting to focus on a number of things and make sure that we took action, instead of losing them once we start back to the daily grind. Some of the key things I want to focus on are incorporating more technology add-ons, benchmarking reports, and working with our clients’ beneficiaries as legacy planning can be an important goal for many of our clients.”

“The conference also reinforced the importance of professional development for our team,” says Andrew. “By investing in our education and training, we can stay on top of the latest trends and best practices in the industry, and provide the most value to our clients. As I bring the lessons I learned at the conference back to my day-to-day operations, I’m excited to see how they can make a noticeable difference in my clients’ lives.”

Overall, the Orion Ascent 2023 conference was a fantastic opportunity to deepen our knowledge and explore new tools to ultimately provide a better experience for our clients,” says Brad. “By staying up to date with the latest research and technologies, we are better equipped to help our clients achieve their financial goals and improve their outcomes.”

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